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March 13, 2004


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It’s the weekend. Relax and unwind. Discover some:

Great Art: E-Den is the site of Hong Kong artist Mok E-Den. Mok has been schooled in classical Chinese painting by some of the masters of the art. He’s also a remarkable photographer. Not only does he put many of his paintings (like the one above) up on his website, he offers many of them as desktop wallpaper, and even (check this out) shows you stroke by stroke how to paint some of the more common icons in Chinese painting. Beautiful, and educational.

Great Music: A while ago I mentioned the Classical Music Archives, which lets you listen on demand to a huge sampling of classical music. It was recently down for a few days, so I went browsing for other sources and discovered Classical Live Online, a directory of over 100 classical music radio stations from all over the world that stream over the Internet. You can link either to the station website (most of the stations show their current and upcoming playlist) or directly to the stream.

Great Fun: Blogger Davezilla, whose cat recently graced the pages of this blog, has a weird sense of humour. And a lot of fans. Some of his stuff is hit and miss, but his Alien Cartoons are silly and wonderful.

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