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October 25, 2004


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kerry no worse
Steve Raker is out knocking on doors in one of the swing states, asking people to vote for Kerry next Tuesday. He makes this critical point:

The door to door work for Kerry was really very rewarding. I came home with a bushel of insights about voters, and we may have even encouraged a vote or two. My overall impression is that it matters very little what you say to people; it’s you showing up at the door that registers. I could feel respect for the fact that we were giving of our Saturday and I’m sure we left many Kerry leaners, leaning at a greater angle.

Every vote counts in this election. Even if you have only an hour to spare, please do what you can to get out the vote. After November 2nd, there is no tomorrow.


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I‘ve been writing a lot about mental frames and about stories lately, and I’ve commented on the fact that when two people talk, very little of their meaning and intent is actually conveyed. The lion’s share of the communication is not in the words, but in the tone, the inflection, the interplay, the shrugs and body language that accompanies them. Sometimes the words don’t matter at all.

My latest short story, called Rehearsal, is about a situation we’ve all experienced in one form or another: A situation where communication is critical, where frames of reference are so different that conversation is nearly impossible, where knowledge attempts to compensate for lack of understanding, and where what is most important is what remains unsaid. You can read it here.

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