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November 21, 2010

Dave Gets Interviewed for a Podcast on Complexity and Transition

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A few days ago I was interviewed by Steve Patterson for his regular podcast program Two Beers With Steve, as we talked about complex systems, dependence on industrial civilization, transition, resilience and steady state economics. Steve is well-read and a terrific interviewer, and there are some great podcasts on his site, including, recently, Stoneleigh (from The Automatic Earth) and James Kunstler. You can listen to or download the podcast here, and browse through Steve’s other podcasts here.


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  2. As a regular listener to Steve’s podcast, I’ve noticed his emphasis has been on the economy, and more recently on growing food at home, so it’s good to hear him branching out a bit.

    I think you’re description of the evolution of the Transition movement was provocative. The Transition Handbook hardly mentions the economy, but Stoneleigh’s talk at the UK Transition Conference this summer brought it front and center. I notice in the introduction to Local Food, Hopkins now lists economic contraction as a third reason (after peak oil and climate change) that the food system must inevitably change in big ways. I believe you’re right that a depression will hit sooner than we will feel big effects from peak oil and climate change, but I don’t know how that might affect Transition planning. Maybe your car ferry and the Vancouver skyscrapers will start emptying sooner due to depression than due to energy descent, we’ll see.

    Comment by Paul — November 21, 2010 @ 18:57

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  4. Hi Dave

    I just listened to your interview on the podcast. You should contact Jack at the survival Podcast I think you would be a good guest and interesting because your coming at the same problems from slightly different angles.


    Comment by Paul — November 24, 2010 @ 12:52

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