Live From Daryl’s House

live at daryls house

Most of you probably remember Hall & Oates, one of the most popular musical duos of the last century. You probably didn’t know that for the past 7 years, in an attempt to stay in touch with fans without having to do so many gruelling tours, Daryl Hall has been hosting some of the world’s finest musicians at his three homes, jamming with them, and putting the very professionally done results online, on YouTube, for free.

Some of his carefully-picked guests are veterans of the music scene, while others are up-and-comers or people you haven’t (yet) heard of. All of them are exemplary musicians, as is Daryl himself, and as is his talented back-up band.

The result is over 300 recordings of songs, mostly old but sometimes new, of superb quality, often with musicianship that, across the board, exceeds that of the original recordings. Most of them can be found in YouTube playlists (the complete list of guests up to 2014 is on wikipedia, while the 2014-15 recordings are on Daryl’s site Live From Daryl’s House). Here are some of my favourites (I’m still discovering some of them):

1. Daryl with Smokey Robinson, doing Hall & Oates’ Sara Smile and Smokey’s Ooh Baby Baby.

2. Daryl with KT Tunstall, doing Hall & Oates’ Out of Touch and Kiss On My List

3. Daryl with Todd Rundgren (at Todd’s house in Kaua’i), doing Todd’s I Saw the Light and Can We Still Be Friends and The Last Ride

4. Daryl with Sharon Jones doing Do What You Want, Be Who You Are

5. Daryl with Keb Mo doing Everything Your Heart Desires

6. Daryl with Diane Birch doing Nothing But a Miracle

7. Daryl with Cee Lo Green doing Hall & Oates’ I Can’t Go For That

8. Daryl with Ben Folds (the full newest episode from last month), including Private Eyes and Don’t Leave Me Alone With Her

9. Daryl with Selby Lynne doing Leavin’

10. Daryl doing some some solo compositions and some lesser-known Hall & Oates songs (some with John Oates): Cab Driver, Crash & Burn, I’m in a Philly Mood, Stop Loving Me Loving You, and Uncanny

Amazing music.

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3 Responses to Live From Daryl’s House

  1. Beth Patterson says:

    So much good stuff here.
    Also especially liked ‘The Whole Enchilada’ with Keb Mo

  2. Ben Brangwyn says:

    Lovely stuff. And KT Tunstall brought so much to Kiss – one of my favorites from the mists of time.

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