The U.S. supreme court just sent the case of a black Texas death row inmate back to a lower court, ruling that the judge and the lower court unfairly allowed systematic racial bias in jury selection to go unchallenged. Three guesses who the only dissenting judge was?

The Economist reports a breakthrough in fibre optics (subscriber-only story) called Photonic Crystal Fibres (PCFs) , which may enable tremendous advances in the miniaturization of testing equipment, increased efficiency and longevity of fibre cabling, and the manipulation of single atoms.

In the search for blame for accounting regularities of Royal Ahold NV , the world’s third largest retailer, which resulted in restatements of at least $500 million and the collapse of Ahold’s share price, the BBC says the problem may lie in loose regulations governing foreign operations of Dutch parent companies. Many companies base their global or European operations in the Netherlands for tax reasons and to simplify regulatory requirements. The discrepancies involve overbooking of promotional allowances (amounts kicked back to the retailer by suppliers for promotion of their brands) in U.S. and possibly South American operations.

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