runner Here’s some new discoveries I’ve made on the Blogosphere recently. Even though I know you already have all the reading you can handle.

Chris Baldwin’s Bruno Strip contains the weekly, visually sumptuous cartoon adventures of a woman named Bruno.

Grist Magazine has blog-like daily postings of eco-news, and its lighter touch makes it less depressing than most of its ilk, while still being thorough and informative.

Britain’s David Gurteen has a full list of Klogs – Weblogs dedicated to the subject of knowledge and information management.

Rebecca’s Pocket is a blog full of eloquent commentary on a vast array of subjects, like this post on the ethics of blogging . Or this set of posts and resources on bioregionalism as an ecological philosophy.

I’ve already mentioned fellow Canadian Mark Woods’ blog called Woods Lot . I don’t know how Mark is able to read as much as he must to be able to post so selectively and prolifically on so many diverse topics day after day. One of today’s posts is a review of a new film made entirely by Canadian Inuit artists, entitled The Fast Runner. The stunning picture above is from that film.

And for techies and those that want to tart up their blogs with some new and sexy features, bloggie-award winning Textism (not to be confused with the eloquent but entirely different Texting blog) offers beta versions of some amazing but not-for-the-timid blog-enhancing tools.

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