waterston Here are seven more blogs that I didn’t know existed until this week, which are doing or talking about some interesting things:

  • Unknown News reports news that you probably haven’t read anywhere else. Readers submit first-hand accounts and interesting stories from the local press, and reading it is as addictive as potato chips.
  • As We Know It is embroiled in a debate on post-modernism, and has a whole Darwinian category on ‘selection theory’, for those that follow Dawkins or Gould.
  • Robert Patterson is blogging about a new Renaissance and Original Affluence, the concept I earlier ascribed to Peter Jay that pre-civilization man lived an easy, unhurried and happy life, not the nasty brutish one we’re led to believe.
  • Science Blog reports the discovery of electrostatic rotation in subatomic particles, one that could revolutionize our understanding of matter, and make Einstein ‘spin’ in his grave.
  • The EatonWeb Portal categorizes over 10,000 blogs, and lets you browse for birds of a feather. You’ll probably find your blog isn’t listed, so take ten minutes and add it while you’re there.
  • Truthout is great one-stop shopping for alternative news and op-ed, on the war, of course, but also on economics, the electoral system, the environment, women’s rights, and a bunch of other issues. Author William Rivers Pitt includes some of his own well-written analysis in his op-ed section.
  • We Want the Airwaves is exclusively focused on media concentration, plans for further deregulation in the U.S., and the conservative domination of the media. And for up-to-date listings of Who Owns What, check the Columbia Journalism Review ‘s database.

I will be in New York tomorrow and unable to blog, so my next post will be Saturday. It will be another of my twisted short stories (if I get it finished in time). Thought for the day, from last night’s Law & Order: You Are The Process.

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  1. Rayne says:

    Thanks for the goodies! BTW, have you investigated posting by e-mail? It can be done, Paul Hinrichs did it from Japan.

  2. Rob Paterson says:

    Thank you Dave – I did not know of your site either and enjoy it very muchRob

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Hi, Rayne, I just muddled through learning enough HTML to get my Weblog looking like I want (and bringing it down completely once in the process), and now you want me to fire missiles into it by e-mail ;-) Seriously, I will try this sometime, but not for just a 1-day trip. -/- Dave

  4. Rayne says:

    Chicken! thbbbbppp!! J/K, if you had to read the Radio (so-called) manual tonite for a trip tomorrow, you’d gag. Read up before the next trip — could be liberating.

  5. Marie Foster says:

    So much to absorb. My brain is buzzin. Thanks for the road map.

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