salon logo Our ‘parent’ magazine, Salon , continues to sustain its reputation for quality, insightful analysis and investigative journalism. Here are just four recent examples that show why Salon is the best magazine in the world right now, and why we need to do everything possible to help keep it going:

  • Take Back the Airwaves: In The Myth of Interference , David Weinberger interviews Internet architect David Reed about the radiomagnetic spectrum. Key message: With appropriate technology, the communications spectrum, the bandwidth of the airwaves, is unlimited. There is no need to license it (or worse, privatize it), if we allow users to develop software that can parse it into infinitely smaller sections, and open the airwaves up to anyone and everyone that is able to operate in a sufficiently small part of the spectrum that they essentially do not ‘interfere’ with anyone else. We must take back the airwaves before they are privatized, or communications technology innovation will grind needlessly to a halt, and what should be ‘public’ property will be gone forever.
  • The Illogic of War in Iraq: In Briefing for a Descent into Hell , Fred Branfman posits an imaginary conversation with an alien visitor who shows, objectively and hilariously, the insanity of the Iraq war and much of the rest of the Bush agenda.
  • Bill Moyers on Bush: In a Salon Interview with Bill Moyers , Andrew O’Hehir draws out the tactful and grizzled media veteran to admit that he fears Bush and his ‘cronies’ threaten the very fabric of American democracy. He also talks about ‘right-wing hegemony’, growing inequality, the environment, and chicken feet.
  • Consumer Mind Control: In Madison Avenue & Your Brain , Matthew Blakeslee explains how advertisers use your own physical and neurological responses to make you want to but what you don’t need. Good accompaniment to my most recent post .
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3 Responses to SALON WATCH

  1. NW says:

    I read a good bit of Branfman’s piece about the war and Bush. It is very funny but does not seem to really be supported by solid facts. It seems to be more along the lines of a personal attack of the conservative leaders of the U.S. and also subtly mocks the tragedy that occured on Sept. 11 (how much money did it require for that attack?). I applaud his effort and his sense of humor. It is a very good political satire, but as far as anything other than entertainment purposes I can see no importance in the piece. By the way I am myself conservative so I welcome any other comments as I can appreciated both sides of the issues. If any one cares to comment: Why does the left believe that power is a crime? In almost every case those with power are looked down upon as unintelligent and morally inept by the left in this country. I can understand empathy for those that are disadvantaged and need help but why do liberals insist on tearing those who have in order to lift those who have-not? Seems to me that this sort of agenda only creates a cycle of even more hatred. Those who have one day are hated by those who have-not, and they become the haves who in turn are hated by the previous haves. Maybe that makes sense maybe it doesn’t. I appreciate your comments or personal attacks on my ideas…either way I just like to see some debate.

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    Check out my April 6 post with the links to Lakoff. I subscribe to his view that it’s important that liberals understand the conservative worldview and accept its ideological legitimacy as a precondition for sensible discussion and rapprochement. While I would agree that there are some on both sides (ANSWER on the left, FOXNEWS on the right) that are abusive to the other side, I think the majority on both sides are moderates, and would like to see a consensus that both sides could accept. When it comes to satire and cartoons, however, overstatement as a vehicle for humour is fair game, and people who can’t take a joke should go elsewhere. I was a fan of Clinton but I still laughed at Lewinsky jokes.

  3. NW says:

    I like your post. I think that there is major polarization in politics via media. As I have stated, I appreciate good argument even it is to no compromising end. Whether you are left or right, argument and debate helps each side to understand the other and to make more informed decisions about their on views whether it be in politics or other. I hope that my presence as a conservative on your site is in no way annoying to those viewing it. For the most part I think we all enjoy a little bit of friction over issues.

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