Q5 What’s your advice to newbie bloggers?

  1. Ask other bloggers, not Userland, when you need technical help.
  2. Think about what your ‘niche’ is going to be before you start posting.
  3. Persevere. Be patient. Write well. Say something unique.
  4. Assess objectively, and strive to continuously improve, your blog.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of other Salon bloggers, that’s what the community is for.
  6. Study other blogs; learn from and emulate what they do well.
  7. Read a lot, write a lot, use a spell-checker.
  8. Post often.
  9. Promote your blog aggressively.
  10. Re-evaluate why you’re blogging from time to time, and adjust your style and subject matter accordingly.
  11. Be prepared to be surprised at what others find good and interesting.
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2 Responses to Q5 What’s your advice to newbie bloggers?

  1. The Raven says:

    Good items here. By the way, you’ll have to forgive me for not turning in a response – swamped with work at HQ. Did want to ask you, though, if you’re planning on forwarding these results to Dave Weiner.Regards, – R.

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    Absolutely, and to Scott as well. Thought I would leave it a few days to see if there are any clarifications, amplifications etc. Thanks. -/- Dave

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