Q6 How do you gauge the success of your blog?

  1. Most popular answers, in declining order of importance: personal satisfaction, compliments received from others, having fun, buzz (number of hits and ranking), opinions from people I know, number of new visitors, consistency of my writing, number of people who’ve blogrolled me without my asking, therapeutic value received from blogging.
  2. Several of you commented on how easy it is to ‘cheat’ in number of hits, and how number of hits can sometimes be misleading for other reasons. A few suggested that for that reason the right-hand (number of hits since inception) Salon Ranking column list should be eliminated, or at least cut back to latest-30-days ranking.
  3. A few people said the Salon ‘community’ really hadn’t gelled and that we as a group need to do more things proactively to welcome and include fellow ‘sloggers’, and make Salon blogs a real community.
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3 Responses to Q6 How do you gauge the success of your blog?

  1. filchyboy says:

    If you sent me a request I have not received it yet as my machine is down.I would add though concerning this term “community” that it would be a mistake, imho, to think that because the software is designed for the purpose of allowing centralizing reporting of some functionality it is truly designed to be a “community.”I think it was an oversight on Userlands part to call the central server the community server.As an example I already have a very well developed community of which I am a part. I don’t know that when I started using the Salon community server that I was, per se, trying to get involved in any community.There are many reasons to write. The creation of community is only one of many.

  2. the man says:

    i am back

  3. Steve says:

    A good way to publicize a blog is to post it to directory sites like technorati and http://www.bestposts.com

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