As promised, Incubating Memes, a list of interesting links that are either self-explanatory or awaiting coverage in my blog posts, is now up in my right-hand sidebar. My rule for updating this sidebar is show newest additions at the top, drop them off the bottom after a week. You already have enough to read, so I’ll try to be selective and put up more than just ‘remainders’ on this sidebar. Unfortunately, I’m not techie enough to add a comments feature to it, so if you really want to talk about them, e-mail me, or write about them on your own blog. The extraordinary artwork above is from Sweden’s Linda Bergkvist, one of the artists posting on GFX Artist, one of the sidebar entries.

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2 Responses to SIDEBAR NOW UP

  1. Charly Z says:

    Interesting idea, Dave. The idea of a place to post links I’d like to blog about but haven’t gottent around to yet is appealing. I’m not sure I’d emulate it (since I like keeping my sidebars uncluttered), but maybe it can be adapted somehow.

  2. Rob Paterson says:

    I love the art space and have joined. Thanks Dave

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