fabrika A while ago I listed World TV in my Vectors & Tangents sidebar. After downloading the free software and browsing through the hi-res stations (now that I have high-speed Internet access a whole new multimedia world has opened up), I stumbled on a curious Latvian station called Talantu Fabrika . It turns out to be one of those survival-type bunch-of-young-people in a house reality series. The site shows which people have been eliminated and which remain, but since it’s in Latvian I don’t understand a word of it, except that it’s been running for 61 days. What’s different is that it runs 24 hours per day completely unedited and with no cutaways or annoying voice-over commentary. The cameras appear to be everywhere except the bathrooms.

Perhaps it’s just the high picture quality, or the fact that it’s happening real-time on the other side of the world, but even though the action is pretty inane (morning exercises, games of skill, manicures) it’s strangely addictive. I guess there’s a bit of voyeur in all of us.

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