CANADA’S MOST POPULAR WEBLOGS (posted from Winterswijk)

maple leaf Canadian journalist Colby Cosh has done a lot of research to identify and rank Canada’s twelve most popular weblogs. He used a whole series of weblog-ranking applications to make sure the rankings were fair, but cautions that identifying weblogs as Canadian (definition: the writer must be based in Canada) is not a perfect science. If readers are aware of omissions to the list, let Colby know — his blog is on the list below. But since I just made the list, don’t try too hard.

  1. Winds of Change
  2. William Gibson
  4. Seb’s Open Research*
  7. Wood’s Lot*
  8. Ongoing (Tim Bray)
  9. Daimnation!
  10. The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century
  11. Relapsed Catholic
  12. How to Save the World

Those shown with an asterisk are on my blogroll already. Winds of Change is a conservative (mostly) political group blog, run by a former colleague of mine, Joe Katzman.

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3 Responses to CANADA’S MOST POPULAR WEBLOGS (posted from Winterswijk)

  1. Dave Pollard says:

    I posted this yesterday, as the date stamp shows, but for some reason it only showed up in the main blog today, despite the small fortune I spent ftp’ing it up from Holland. Even stranger, it showed up in the Category (blogs & blogging) blog twelve hours before it showed up on the main one. Anyone know what’s up with this? I recall Rayne complained of the same problem while she was posting on her holiday.

  2. Seb says:

    Maybe your transfer was interrupted – only some files making it to Salon’s server – and resumed when you reconnected to the Net the next day? Did you check the event/server monitor/report (or whatever Radio Userland calls it)?

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Thanks for the counsel, Seb. I suspect that’s what happened, though I gave it more than enough time for the transfer to occur. Too late for me to check now (Radio only shows the last 24 hrs), but I’ll be sure to do this in future. I always allow 15 minutes before logging off, which is more time than the entire nightly backup takes. BTW, how’s the new job coming?

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