McKenzie After graduating from Kelvin in 1969, I started my B.A. at U. of Winnipeg.  The following year, Marilyn Sedun and I worked and traveled in Europe for 8 months. My longtime interest in travel had begun!

While I was completing my B.A., I met Gregg Humphreys (B. Comm., U. of Manitoba). We worked for a year after graduation, and then bought a van and headed south to Central America.It was an amazing trip, rich in MesoAmerican history, culture, and okay, cervezas, too.

Touring B.C. on the way back, we decided to move to Vernon. Gregg pursued his love of flying (hang-gliding, sailplaning) and I got involved in art projects. Together, we enjoyed exploring the Okanagan Valley, camping, skiing and hiking.

Sadly, in 1984, my mother died suddenly, in Calgary. I became my father’s main caregiver while he battled Alzheimer’s Disease, until his death in 1990.

After 8 years in Vernon, we made the move to Victoria…what a great decision. We love it here, provincial politics notwithstanding! Gregg continues to work in insurance adjusting, and now has his own company. I am working part-time in a small art gallery, and volunteer at a municipal archives.

In the mid-90’s, I was fortunate to be able to go back to school for three wonderful years, and receive my Diploma of Fine Arts. There, I started painting 3-D pieces, which I still prefer, and have sold via retail and commissions.

Over all this time, we have enjoyed many trips, including frequent visits to the Yukon, where my sister Janet lives. I try to return to the family cottage at Clear Lake each summer, and it was there that I celebrated my 50th Birthday.

Here in Victoria, I sing in a choir at U. Vic., paint, read, garden, walk, and recently have become familiar with nailers and saws as we build a cabin on Thetis Island, accessed by ferry from Chemainus, an hour north.

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