DennehyThere is a surprisingly powerful draw to the idea of this reunion. I would love to see you all.

The names have invoked so much memory that had been put away for a while – but is now compelling to think about, especially as I see my teenage kids engage with their community of friends. They cannot know the strength of the memories they are creating together.

Winnipeg has never left my soul. Gladly, I seem to be getting there more frequently, the longer I have lived away, rather than the opposite. I love to fly over the Prairies on the landing in.

Throughout most of junior high at River Heights and all through Kelvin I was committed to the idea of going into the 4 year Interior Design Program at U. of M.  Initially I had to do a year of Arts to satisfy my parents that I was serious about being a flake. I dutifully did so (forging most of my papers and learning mostly about the Montcalm.) In 1970 I got  down to  the  intended business of Design school.

I worked the summers first at Aunt Sallyís Farm and then followed my wanderlust to Banff. There I met up with an itinerant Scotsman who was financing his travels and skiing by working as a bus boy.
My plan was to work the following summer in the Maritimes and experience that part of Canada. The Scotsman beat me to the punch and in fact revealed himself to be a lawyer in disguise. I joined up with him in Halifax in í72 and worked in a design firm as a summer student.  I returned to Nova Scotia the following summer and took that year off to travel in Europe and N. Africa. I finished off school in 1975, married the Scotsman, and returned again to settled in Halifax. 

I have learned to sail and love the ocean, eat lobster, pick apples, hike the highlands, endure the weather, and enjoy the accessibility of this rather beautiful part of the world. So much so, that little Bluenosers did not present themselves on the scene until í85.
Dan is now 18 and going into Science at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish next fall.  Wallace (girl) is turning 15, and Hamish just 12. All glowingly healthy, good looking, a bit too smart for my convenience, and a ton of fun.

I continued working with the design firm of my student days. In ë88 I began my own practice in commercial design. In ë99, an interior design position came up with Club Fed. in the Architectural division  of Public Works. The timing was right for me and I am still in their good company. 

The eX and I parted in ë97. There is currently a very nice man about who has made it clear that he is not going away any time soon. So I may have another chapter to write on that subject.  In the meantime I am pleased as can be with my life here, my many dear long time friends, the community, the culture, and the interests of this great little city on the East Coast.

I still live in the big old Victorian house next to downtown Halifax where I have raised my kids. So come and visit as soon as you can, because I am down-dreaming to a plastic sided rancher with yard service. I will never leave the ocean and beaches and rocky coast though and they will always be here to be enjoyed.

Laurie and Sharon can vouch for that.
Cheers all! 

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