After high school, I did a 3-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and then took off traveling for a year in Europe. Upon my return, I worked for awhile, traveled some more, and then completed the requirements for an Honours degree in Fine Arts (sort of a pre-masters program). I went to Europe again, returning to complete my one-year teacher certification at the University of Manitoba. I moved to BC to begin my teaching career. It was here that I met my husband, a transplanted Englishman, who I married in 1979. As he is a banker, we moved to several cities in BC during the first few years, before settling in Langley, just outside Vancouver, in 1986. Thornton, my husband, commutes to head office in Vancouver, where he deals with corporate and commercial bankruptcies for the Bank of Montreal. I teach art and home economics, part time, here in Langley at a fairly large high school (approximately 1800 students).

When I began teaching in 1976, I was also working on my painting, both exhibiting and selling my work. I left teaching after 5 years to pursue an art career. I was able to continue for several years but finally succumbed to the demands of family ñ Rachel was born in 1982 and Patrick in 1984 ñ and ìretiredî from exhibiting my work.

Rachel, who will be 21 this weekend, is finished 3rd year of her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is currently working on her 4th year. She hopes to
continue for more education and work in Intensive Care and Trauma. Patrick has completed 2 years at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Economics with a view to pursuing a career in Business Consultation.

I was at home for 11 years with the kids, and teaching some art classes at night as well as working on my own creations. I returned to teaching in the schools approximately 10 years ago. As a family, we have been able to travel a fair bit, which has been one of our biggest interests. As well, I am very involved in quilting and have completed several large bed quilts of my own designs, during the past few years. You might even say Iím a little bit obsessed about it!

You asked about Margaret ñ she still lives in Winnipeg. Her eldest of two sons is being married next May. Margaret and her husband Ian visited us in November 2002. I have been to see them in Winnipeg several times. Our father died in 1971, and then our mother (who returned to her home province of BC in 1978) died in 1986. We sold our family cottage at Victoria Beach so there have not been strong ties with Manitoba for many years.

Have a good time at the reunion and good luck with the marathon! Please say a special hello to Mrs. Fenny. She left Queenston to work with my Dad at the school board office. It was Mrs. Fenny who first really encouraged me with art and as a result, my parents sent me for lessons. I would have enjoyed seeing her.

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