1969 graduated from Kelvin High School with many other very talented souls. Took two years of Arts majoring in English, Psychology and the Montcalm. One year of Education and started teaching in the Inner City ( King Edward School  Arlington and Selkirk), quite a change from River Heights!  Fell in love with teaching and every student that walked into my classroom.  Kids were fantastic and anything I needed they stole from Eaton’s.  Hey, that’s how you get things when you don’t have any money. 

Married Jim Carlson in 1973, divorced in 77 but still remain great friends. Completed Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Ed. by attending night and summer school for 6 years.  Switched to Cecil Rhodes School and taught resource but found my persuasive powers worked much better on kids than adults so gave it up and developed a Language and Speech Disorder program for kids with language problems.  Moved the program to Robert H Smith and my students were bused in.  They were mostly Aboriginal and spoke very little but the wonderful boys and girls at Robert H welcomed them with open arms.  It was a small class of only seven and very intense as I knew exactly what they had forgotten from the day before. I decided it was not for me as 1) they didn’t get my jokes and 2) I was away for two weeks and they didn’t notice.  

I  married Tom Rathwell in 1981.  I knew he was the one as my life was just about perfect, teaching, travelling with girlfriends on holidays, competing in squash tournaments, doing exactly what I wanted twenty four seven.. Why change? In 1982 I took an educational leave and studied piano and French (everyone should do that before having a family).  In 1983 our son Peter was born seven weeks early with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy.  He was my next and most sucessful project.  We spent a lot of time in Physio etc. at Children’s Hospital and so I joined the Chown Guild of Children’s Hosp.  I was a member and worked on the executive for 9 years and met many wonderful ladies.  Our beautiful daughter Jessica was born in 1986 and she was so perfect.  I would take her to meetings and lunches and she would sleep quietly and smile and coo and I mistakenly thought I had conquered parenthood.  Just to keep us on our toes in 1989 Steve was born and reminded us as parents we don’t stand a chance. 

From 1987-1997 I helped organize and run a small investment club.  We had a lot of fun, learned a lot but didn’t make a dime!  Joined the Laidlaw Parent Council in 1989, was president from 92 to 94 and had three kids in three different schools so stole ideas from each one and shared but Christmas Concerts were terrifying, had to make three in one night one year.  By this time my volunteer hours were equal to a full time job and I thought I should be doing what I really love instead of fund raising etc. so I went back to teaching.  After a year of substituting I was offered the perfect job, half time Grade 4 Lord Robert’s School.  Have spent the last ten years loving every minute of teaching and being part of the Lord Robert’s Community.  Last Year I was diagnosed with MS and found teaching very difficult.  I took a year’s sick leave and had a lot of fun taking Pilates, interior design courses, redoing the house, learning to play golf and learning to conserve my energy, which is the hardest lesson of all but I’m getting there.  I have decided to devote my energy to my family for the next few years as they are the most important and most deserving.  Peter is 20 and taking courses at the University of Winnipeg, Jessica is in Grade 11 at SJR and Steven  is in Grade 8 at Ecole River Heights . They are going through an important time of their life as we did 34 years ago and I am delighted I shared it with you dear friends.

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