headsetI‘m always up for a new technology toy, especially if it’s free. So I’ve downloaded the latest rage, Skype (rhymes with ‘type’), a tool for free VOIP global telephony using P2P. If you want to try it out, and hear (shudder) what I really sound like, download the software here, read the FAQ, add me to your Skype address list (my username is davepollard), and give me a call. I’ll try to be available online as much as possible for the next few days to try it out. Especially if you have some comments on my Pledge to Buy Local initiative.

Windows 2000 or XP
A sound card and a microphone

Here’s what the media are saying about it:
The Register (UK)
Globe & Mail (Canada)

Talk to you soon.

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2 Responses to SKYPE ME

  1. Dave Pollard says:

    Just had an amazing conversation on Skype with Stuart Henshall of Unbound Spiral — the sound quality is absolutely stunning. My senses were so fooled by the clarity of the conversation (perhaps the fact that I was on a handsfree headset also helped) that I was unconsciously using hand movements and body language during the conversation — something I never do during a regular phone call. But the discomfort with jumping from written to oral ‘conversations’, which I referred to in my earlier post is still very real. But try it — Skype is awesome.

  2. Indigo Ocean says:

    Amazing sound quality, Dave, and nice talking to you. I just sent out a mass email (which for me means 20 people) invited my friends and family to use download it and call me. Of course, then I realized I might actually get 20 calls today, yikes! Oh well, already hit send.

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