meatrixA new short video, The Meatrix, shows the horror and devastation of factory farms, and what you can do to fight this corporatist scourge. Please watch it — it doesn’t explot the situation or show gruesome pictures, it just presents the facts and some approaches for activists. We have to do something about this.
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7 Responses to IT’S NOT FUNNY

  1. judith says:

    an ode to meatrix space…and if you meet live meat in meatrix spaceand see and feel and hear just how they’re raisedyou might decide to seek a better placeto forage for your food than cement-grazed.and if it’s true that we are what we eatdisease and drugs and damage do descrythat if we eat this badly handled meatwe could fall ill and should not wonder why.and so for me it’s tofu, greens and ricethat’s how i gather sust’nance for my daybut others will decide to roll the diceand hope for health whilst eating meatrix’s garbage in and out from fact’ry farmsso far from farmer’s fields and country charms.[if shakespeare lived today would he still rap in iambic pentameter?]

  2. judith says:

    and alas i cannot write a sonnet in your comment space as it munges my lines all together and ignores my line breaks… )^:

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks for that, Dave. I heard about it a couple days ago, but it was on PETA’s site, and I tend to avoid watching videos from there (I have a low tolorance for watching suffering).

  4. Dave Pollard says:

    Judith: Great stuff. Good meter shines through despite lack of line breaks (which can BTW be solved by inserting ‘br’ html tags). I’ve found from personal experience that sonnets are immensely difficult to write. There is a temptation to use unnatural concatenations (like “sust’nance”), a cheat that the Bard Hisself used, and which is also very common in rap but which IMO detracts somewhat from the effect. Which is why I don’t write sonnets.Sean: Me too — those TV ads for suffering children and animals turn me right off. But it’s hard to resist using them when part of what you’re trying to accomplish is to get people to fing open their eyes. When does the end justify the means?

  5. Dave Pollard says:

    damn…forgot to close the bold tag…sorry for shouting

  6. Thanks, Dave – as one who grew up on a farm I am becoming increasingly hostile to the meat factories we now subsidize with tax dollars. I won’t give up meat, but even if I did I would still be paying for it.

  7. Dave Pollard says:

    Paul: Yeah, but as a ‘thought leader’ in the world of food, what a statement you would make if you did, and if you convinced more and more of the writers of cookbooks and the heads of cooking shows to become vegetarians, too ;-)

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