kucinichKucinich remains the progressive standard-bearer

Dennis Kucinich, in an interview with Salon and LinkTV shows why he’s the only real liberal in the Democratic race, and brilliantly deconstructs arguments he is ‘unelectable’. I’m just more and more impressed with him. I think he’d have a superb relationship with other world leaders as President, and having that kind of collaboration and cooperation, instead of the Bush bullying and unilateralism and confrontation, could make all the difference in the world. Even if 2004 is not his year, watch this guy — he’s not going away and could well turn out to be the best President of the 21st century.

Costs for the poor and elderly rising disproportionately

The Fed recently issued a report showing that, because health care, education and gasoline costs have risen much faster than other costs in recent years, and since these costs are disproportionately high for the poor and elderly, these already-disadvantaged groups are facing much higher cost of living inflation than the rich and middle-aged Americans. This is part of the reason why the gap between rich and poor continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and why low and middle income groups face such an enormous hurdle to improve their financial situation.

Whew! Court overrules Bush on Padilla case

There’s an excellent analysis in Human Rights Watch News of the overturning of Bush’s actions on the Padilla case. Jose Padilla, a US citizen, was held without permission to communicate with his family, without benefit of counsel, without evidence of any wrongdoing and without charge, under indefinite military detention, by simple executive order of George Bush. This blatantly unconstitutional act, which if upheld would essentially allow the Bush regime to incarcerate anyone they didn’t like anytime indefinitely without due process, has been ruled illegal, and Padilla has been ordered released.

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5 Responses to SATURDAY SHORTS

  1. Philip says:

    Best President of the 21st Century? That’s what I love Dave you are not afraid to go out on a limb and saw it off! <smile> There are still 96 years to go Dave. Of course the only way Kucinich could be president is if a Democratic president dies with Kucinich as VEEP. When was the last time the United States elected a liberal president? Roosevelt? We have been up for a Democratic centrist like Clinton but there are Democrats worried that Dean is too far left to get elected. Not that I do not love Kucinich and his liberal ass, just being realistic.

  2. Adrian says:

    I like Kucinich and appreciate his strongly progressive social platform. But on many issues, especially foreign policy ones, he sounds way too feel-good — potential complications ignored or glossed over. His protectionist polices will set off bitter trade wars both with Europe and the developing world; how is this going to further his agenda of international cooperation? Especially after an enraged China refuses to back his Korea peace talks?Maybe the two Koreas will unite in pissed-off-ness, however, after he radically curtails imports from Asia.

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Never say never, Philip. I remember saying after Nixon was forced out of office that the US would never elect another right-wing paranoid president.It’s interesting that the papers like the NYT are saying that our new PM Paul Martin represents a move to the right. This is a guy who admits he and his wife used to eat hash brownies, confirmed Canada’s opposition to the Iraq war and commitment to liberalize drug laws and gay rights. I think Kucinich would fit in very well with Paul Martin and the European leaders who tend to be of the same mind. He needs to articulate that opposition to ‘free’ trade is not the same as old-style crony protectionism. It’s an issue of regulating to encourage self-sufficiency and the preservation of local jobs, while still allowing duty-free import and export of goods that cannot reasonably be produced domestically — which is still a lot of trade.

  4. Philip says:

    I didn’t say never I said the only way. There is a difference. Now that you bring up wives what is with Kucinich and the Dating Game? Combining a political campaign with a wife hunt seems a bit weird to me. For all his good ideas he just doesn’t have the pulse of the country. Perhaps he will get a job in the Dean administration.

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