One of the kind people who have been helping me test desktop video software this week is Robin Good, a veritable alchemist of videoconferencing. I was blown away both by Robin’s deep knowledge of the video tools currently in the market, and his ‘homegrown’ applications that integrate and build on the best features of several of the commercial conferencing apps out there. If you’re looking for high quality, reliable many-to-many videoconferencing capability at an affordable price, just go directly to Robin and he’ll get you set up right. This guy is really sharp (though he neither looks nor sounds like what I expected)!

Robin has two events coming up that you should check out if you’re in the market. Here is more information on them, in Robin’s own words:

Kolabora Live! Buyer’s Review: April 22nd: InstantPresenter vs. C3 Collaborator

An ongoing series of live events in which I will personally review multiple real-time collaboration technologies and in which end users will be able to ask and to compare differences and advantages for each tool presented. In each 60-minute Buyer Review I will first introduce the competing technologies I have personally selected and I will offer a ìbuyer consciousî, concise and benefit-driven analysis of their features, functionalities, key strengths and weaknesses. The remaining time in the event is used for allowing potential buyers and customers attending the event to ask live questions about the tools presented. The questions can be addressed either to me or to one of the elected representative of the technologies showcased.

At the end of the Buyers Questions I poll the audience on key feature, traits, marketing and sales issues relating to these products allowing me to gather specific buyers desires, preferences and needs relative to the tools showcased. On the basis of the polled data The Kolabora Buyersí Pick Award is then assigned to the showcased technology that has been able to stand the toughest test of all: the buyer’s mind. Buyer’s Pick technology is then showcased on Kolabora until the next Buyer’s Review goes live. There is no cost for companies to participate. More info or Sign-up:  

Kolabora Live! Monthly Seminar

A new unique 75-minute monthly event where I report live (audio/video + slides) on:

  • New tools that have appeared on the market
  • Most interesting tools ñ attention movers
  • Best practices
  • Complementary tools and technologies
  • Online resources and recommendations
  • Interface design, UI
  • Functionalities, – features that can give you an edge because they have not been exploited yet
  • Tools and their usability ñ how to improve usability of your tools
  • Deployment and technical issues
  • Performance ñ what do people expect
  • Perceived ease of use ñ how to measure ñ who is doing best and why
  • Marketing strategies ñ offers, demos, trials, pricing approaches ñ what is best

Participants can submit specific questions via a text interface and in the final 40 minutes I devote my time exclusively to provide public answers to these. Access to this event is limited to 200 people and is sponsor-supported. Initially the event is accessible for free. Only a registration is needed. Recording of the event is offered as a commercial download. Sign-Up:
.     .     .     .     .

Robin, Skype guru Stu Henshall, and several others have graciously given me the opportunity to test a variety of desktop video tools, and given me the names and specs of many other tools I have not yet had time to test. Although I will issue a full report when I’ve finished testing, so far I am quite impressed with SightSpeed’s video quality, and I have yet to find anything that matches Skype’s audio quality.

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