No one who has read The Boondocks has a neutral opinion about its writer, Aaron McGruder. You either love him or hate him, or vacillate between the two extremes. The twenty-something radical leftie is working on a Simpsons-style animated series that will air, ironically, on Fox, probably next year, and as the New Yorker reported last month, he’s managed to outrage almost everyone of every political stripe, including other cartoonists who say that he’s gotten lazy (the strip is now drawn by Jennifer Seng, though McGruder still does the writing), and that he’s relentless to the point of being tedious and unfunny. He is the most banned cartoonist in history, with many of the 300+ papers carrying the strip having cut it at one time or another. But as I think the above strip from last week shows, McGruder’s biting wit has lost none of its edge, and demonstrates a fearlessness that goes beyond even what Doonsbury and Bloom County achieved.
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  1. Richard says:

    The show will probably be so good that Fox will cancel it after one season.

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