visionaryI‘m honoured to have been included in the brilliant and industrious SÈbastein Paquet’s list of seven web visionaries, along with Lion Kimbro, Marc Canter, Eric Hanson, Flemming Funch, Eugene Eric Kim, and Phil Jones. I am familiar with Flemming’s and Marc’s writing, and have run into Phil’s Blahsploitation blog, but Lion, Eric and Eugene are new discoveries to me. Great additions to your blogroll, everyone. But I have one question: Where are the women visionaries? I can think of a lot of Misbehaving candidates and Ms. Muses who might qualify. Who do you think are the Net’s most visionary women? I’ll publish my list next week.

Painting is from Helena Nelson Reed of Lapizmoon studio.

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  1. Michael says:

    Congratulations, Dave!

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