lpiThe Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University has a site with useful information about ‘micronutrients’: vitamins, minerals, other nutrients (like Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Co-enzyme Q10), phytochemicals (trace chemicals in various plants), and the foods that contain all these nutrients. For each nutrient, you can learn its impact on the body, diseases it can help prevent or treat, where you can get it, and interactions with other nutrients, foods and drugs. The entire database can also be sorted by disease instead of by nutrient. Pauling was known, of course, for his controversial claim that large doses of vitamins can prevent the common cold and other diseases.

The site is very thorough, quite technical (but still comprehensible), and makes fascinating reading.

Thanks to for the link.

Speaking of health information, Health Central (the Dr. Dean Edell site) hosts the full (from what I can ascertain) contents of one of my favourite books, The People’s Pharmacy. Learn how to make safe, effective treatments from natural, common ingredients that work better than most over-the-counter remedies. Find out which alternative remedies work, which are placebos and which are downright dangerous.

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  1. gbreez says:

    Thanks much for the Linus Pauling link; I’ve added it to my resource list. Great site.Also found the Edell/People’s Pharmacy link interesting. Thanks.

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