rfkjrSeveral readers brought to my attention the 30-minute speech that RFK Jr gave at the Environment Votes townhall at the Democratic convention (not to be confused with his very short speech to the convention as a whole), and this speech is now available, although hard to hear at times, at this site. For those that would rather read what he has to say, a longer and more expansive Kennedy condemnation of Bush’s Crimes Against Nature is also available, from Rolling Stone. The Rolling Stone article is very long and thorough, though the speech updates it some of Bush’s more recent additional environmental atrocities.

I reported last year on RFK’s interview with Salon, which also makes good reading.

Between these articles, and other sites like Howling at a Waning Moon, Environment 2004 and Kennedy’s own NRDC website, the litany of evidence of Bush’s obvious hatred of nature, the environment, and public property of any kind, and his total disdain for the legacy that he’s leaving our children and grandchildren, not to mention all the other species that share this Earth, is overwhelming. It is really hard to understand how anyone with an ounce of humanity and caring for anyone other than themselves could even think seriously about voting for this criminal. I remain astonished and dismayed that Bush’s popularity is even 5%, let alone 45%.

Wednesday the NYT also remarked about Bush’s incredible, even ruthless disregard for even basic respect for environmental protection, commenting that even his campaign advisors, and allies like John McCain and Tony Blair, have reprimanded him for his intractible opposition to any efforts to stem global warming. Even the Russian despot Vladimir Putin has finally realized the dangers of global warming, and agreed yesterday to recommend that Russia ratify the Kyoto accord. The Russian approval finally gives the accord full legal stature, and once again, as with the International Court of Justice, the Land Mines Treaty, and a host of other vital global consensus agreements, Bush’s intransigent and belligerent opposition utterly isolates America from the rest of the developed world, and further damages America’s reputation.

Meanwhile the most recent polls suggest the US election, now only a month away, is again too close to call. There is so much at stake. Those of us who live in other countries can only shake our heads and hope the Democrats are better than the Republicans at getting their supporters registered and out to the polls. It appears the fix is in again in Florida, so a lot rests on the voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Which way is less Evil?From John Kerry’s website: “The America that George Bush has created is one with fewer jobs, increasing health costs and more obstacles to achieving the American dream.”The American Dream. Kerry wants everyone to obtain it. Bush wants to make sure those living it continue living it.Vote now. You win?

  2. gbreez says:

    Bush and all of his cronies are pigs in the foulest sense of the word. They have no souls at all. Those who follow, “religiously,” do not want to know or learn any truths about them or what they are doing; they refuse to listen or believe. It is like pounding your head on a stone wall to effect understanding or change with any of them. I truly fear for us all. These are very bad times. It is hard to watch my country destroy itself. If it goes where I now expect it to, soon, maybe I can escape to Canada? There is sanity there, I believe.

  3. Wendy says:

    I just read the book that was written based on the article you reference from Rolling Stone (the hardcover was published in Aug. ’04 and the paperback is coming out shortly). It’s a brilliant and terrifying book.Wendy

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