The closeness and the significance of Tuesday’s election is bringing out the best in a lot of caring people. In addition to the collective energies in exercises like the group post below, the last few days have seen:

  • The extraordinary joint endorsement of John Kerry by all the editors of the New Yorker, in an essay called The Choice that brilliantly recaps all the reasons not to vote for Bush, and all the reasons to vote for Kerry,
  • A powerful essay called Promises to Keep from Truthout, revisiting the litany of Bush lies, deceptions and failures [thanks to Susan Hales of the wonderful Doubly Gifted blog for this link],
  • A hilarious satire called Believe from The Gadflyer, poking fun at those who can’t or won’t see through what Bush has done to America [thanks to my friend David Jones for this link], and
  • A stirring new song called Unamerican from Ian Rhett, with an equally remarkable accompanying video, free online [thanks to R. Dale Asberry for this link].

If you haven’t read/heard all four of these masterpieces, you’re in for a treat. Check them out. Pass them on.

While I’m acknowledging the source of links, thanks to Steve Raker and Jon Husband for several of the links in last weekend’s Remainders post.

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2 Responses to ANTHEMS

  1. Sven Cahling says:

    Another anthem: Mosh, by Eminemfound at or (for example)

  2. Another Dave says:

    I second that. It’s another example of the election’ bringing out the best’.Normally, I don’t care for Eminem that much, but that video … I nearly cried the first time I watched it. It captures all the fear and frustration and channels it into the appeal to vote.You should really watch it, it’s worth it.Also, if you’re interested, there’s an excellent analysis of the video at

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