Politics and Environment: Readings for the Week

windturbineDrilling in ANWR to be Hidden in Budget Bill: The Wilderness Society urges Americans to call or write their representatives to stop this ‘business as usual’ subterfuge from the Big Oil / Neocon cabal.

More Reasons for Vegetarianism: It’s three years old, but this article by Jim Motavalli is very timely in light of the dangers of avian flu, mad cow, and new concerns about toxins in our foods and the environmental damage and cruelty caused by factory farms. Thanks to the excellent environmental blogger Mikhail Capone for the link.

Hands-On Corporate Research Guide: For those who want to do investigative journalism on corporations, the CorpWatch site is sensational: Steps in the research process and some of the best links to go to first. Bottom Line: Never start your research with Google. Thanks to reader David Parkinson for the link.

Small Wind: If you’re interested in exploring personal or community-based wind energy generation, an excellent place for information is the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Small Wind Systems site. For those in Canada, CanWEA has a similar site.

Big Wind: And if something really huge is more to your taste, here’s a link to a Wired story on a project to build the world’s largest single wind energy generator.

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  1. Thank you for the link, Dave.I was wondering if you have seen this at WorldChanging. It’s about a treaty on the model of the Kyoto Protocol but about Medical R&D. I think it’s very promising and deserves to be covered in the media and gain mindshare (because I think that if people were aware that such things were possible, they’d be in favour of them and governments would have to move).

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