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Against Love: Love Politics Revisited

The Idea: Author Laura Kipnis argues that monogamy is unnatural and unhealthy, and possibly complicit in our emotional detachment from political life and our ecosystem as well. Laura Kipnis, despite the title of of her 200-page “polemic”, is not Against … Continue reading

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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

The Idea: Five sites that effectively convey information through visuals in ways that would be impossible with words. 1/ Market Maps: UK Innovation consultant Steve Griffiths at Breakthroo has developed a set of interactive maps that show supply chains and … Continue reading

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Political News of the Week

I‘m too discouraged by the US Senate decision to authorize drilling in the ANWR to talk about it. The NRDC says there’s still hope and advises what to do about it. Here’s the rest of the week’s important political news: … Continue reading

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Virtual Collaboration: If You Can’t Work Side-by-Side

The Idea: What do you do if you need or want to collaborate, but you can’t do so in person? What purposes are best served by weblogs, wikis, and other types of online collaboration tools, spaces and media? Collaboration entails … Continue reading

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Baby Boom Ahead?

The Idea: The recent UN projection that global population will level off at 9.5 billion is based on the flawed assumption that a recent phenomenon — families having fewer children than they want due to economic and political constraints — … Continue reading

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Seeing the Big Picture (Building a Bigger Frame)

The Idea: It’s going to take a new, more expansive kind of thinking, by many people with different points of view working in collaboration, to solve the world’s most intractable problems. Here are some thoughts how we could achieve that … Continue reading

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Seeing What’s Next: Porter, Drucker and Christensen

The Idea: An overview of Michael Porter’s, Peter Drucker’s, and Chris Christensen’s approaches to innovation research. Research is probably the most undervalued, and poorly done, process in Western business. It’s not rocket science, but doing it well takes practice, a … Continue reading

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A Circular Argument

The Idea: A debate on how best to deal with the pressing global problems of overpopulation and overconsumption. Dave talks to himself. We need to reduce human population to sustainable levels — no more than 1-2 billion people globally. Why? … Continue reading

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How to Be Creative

The Idea: Dave looks at some accepted wisdom on the creative process, and adds some of his own. When I was in high school, I was about as uncreative as you can be. My stories in composition class were derivative, … Continue reading

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A Running Out Story

More on the End of Oil: Eric Sprott suggests you consider what will happen to the markets when the price of oil doubles soon, Richard Duncan recaps the Olduvai Theory predicting the end of oil, and of civilization, by 2030, … Continue reading

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