My Blog Taxonomy, and some Technical Notes

I have just revamped my blog taxonomy, retaining but renaming the 6 main categories, reducing the number of second-level categories (so the table of contents takes up less space on the right sidebar) and increasing the number of third-level categories (so it’s easier to browse the table of contents to find what you’re looking for). I hope those of you (and judging from the number of hits there are many) who use the table of contents find this reorganization helpful. I will be adding the last month’s articles to the revised table of contents by Sunday, so we’ll be all up to date. Just in case anyone is interested, my new blog taxonomy is depicted graphically above. These are the 54 subjects I care enough to write about. I’m surprised that, except for the Politics posts, few of my 1000+ articles have lost their currency. If I were to edit a magazine, this is how it would be laid out. Built to last, to keep, and to provide ideas and insight you can actually use.

I apologize to those who have signed up for my blog by e-mail through the Bloglet form in the right sidebar. You won’t get e-mails until the owner of Bloglet replies to my many messages and gives me ‘control’ of the Bloglet RSS feed for How to Save the World. And since the rumour seems to be that he’s deceased, I’m not holding my breath. There’s a new German RSS-by-e-mail app just starting up, that I’m beta testing. As soon as it’s upgraded to include graphics and formatting I’ll put it up in place of Bloglet and write more about it. Some updating of the blogroll is also overdue — I will try to get to that this weekend.

Thanks for your patience with the Salon Comments Server — it took awhile for the switchover but it seems to be getting back up to speed. They’re still working on fixing the line breaks problem (in the meantime, put in <br><br> for a paragraph break with a blank line). Those of you with ISPs who block disclosure of your IP address will still not be able to post comments — apparently the only way to block comment spam etc. is to capture the submitter’s IP address before the comment post is accepted. If you get blocked, just e-mail your comment to me with the date of the article it apples to and I’ll post your comment for you. That’s it for the blog housekeeping. Now back to writing.

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3 Responses to My Blog Taxonomy, and some Technical Notes

  1. dave davison says:

    You said: “If I were to edit a magazine, this is how it would be laid out. Built to last, to keep, and to provide ideas and insight you can actually use.”Not a bad thought- the Brain taxonomy diagram is very helpful- In effect the How to Save the World blog IS the magazine. Have you investigated how your audience USES the taxonomy – is there a tool at Salon for tracking this? Consider the potential of the collaborative filtering/recommendation engine that your audience couldl provide. Sort of like “Amazon meets Pollard”BTW I have been browsing the Herman/Owen/Corrigan corridors of OpenSpace to get a better feel, and I have spent the time to read Herman’s treatise on the “Dimensions of Organization” which leaves me wanting something crisper – I was hoping for a better “How to” approach to creating using his diagram – Maybe we can help him with that – if he is interested.Corrigan’s blog led me to this.’s New: Graphic Facilitation RetrospectiveSibbet, Fred Lakin, Michael Doyle and David Strauss at Interaction Associates were all part of work I was leading at Iconix starting in 1978 and reminded me that I have been laboring in this Graphic Facilitation field for over 25 years.No wonder I like your graphics. We may want to include David Sibbet and the Drexler/Sibbet Performance Model ( and the Grove Group) as part of our expanding network of resources The Grove Consultants International: Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance

  2. joey says:

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