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The End of Heroes

The Idea: The reason why, in 2005, anti-heroes are in and heroes are out. Many people lament that “there are no heroes anymore”, but that criticism is somewhat unfair. In our age of speed-of-light change and fifteen minutes of fame, … Continue reading

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Striking Out On Our Own: A Radical Course for Canada .

The Idea: A proposal to reinvent Canada as the model for a post-industrial, perhaps even post-civilization, society. Ever since I wrote about Canadian conservationist Peter Brown’s prescription for creating a society built on respect for all life on the planet, … Continue reading

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Resolving Conflicts

The Idea: A discussion of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and where they do, and do not, work. As most of my readers know, I abhor the law. It is the handmaiden of the social and ideological repression imposed on us … Continue reading

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I Guess That Means I’m Home

The Idea: When we re-form the world in which we live to one of terrible sameness, it is no wonder we always ache to travel somewhere else. When I was young, there was nothing I wanted to do more than … Continue reading

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On Writing and Teaching Better, and the Colonization of Language

The Idea: Some advice from Derrick Jensen on writing (fiction and other things) and teaching (writing and other things), and a brief discussion about the colonization of language. Author Derrick Jensen teaches writing, and his new book Walking on Water … Continue reading

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Why Dogs Don’t Weep

(For Aleah and Rayne) our walk in the forest is not like the wolf’s: we are merely interlopers, transients we skim across its surface rather than really coming in we see and sense so little of its complex world that … Continue reading

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Five Handy Tech Tools

Five interesting new technologies, all of them free: Open Media Network: The founders of Netscape have launched an online distribution system for video content that uses Kontiki, a BitTorrent-like high-speed peer-to-peer downloading technology, RSS-based notification and a TiVo like programme … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Patients (and the Right to Self-Treatment)

The idea: If our health care system wants to get more information to patients so they can start to manage their own health, they might start by tapping the greatest source of health information — other patients. During my recent … Continue reading

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The Whisper Campaign: Psst, You’re Amazing (Pass It On)

I‘m in the process of reading Derrick Jensen’s Walking on Water, a Gattoesque condemnation of our education systems. Although I’ll save his comments on how to help people learn more effectively for another post, he makes two points that apply … Continue reading

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The Rogue Animal and Gaia Consciousness

The Idea: A Canadian naturalist argues that civilization has obfuscated important truths about our world in a defensive and overwhelming mythology of prosthetic anthropocentrism, and that it is not too late to turn away from this disconnected mythology and rediscover … Continue reading

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