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s I continue to plan for Blog Hosted Conversations on How to Save the World, I’ve been keeping an eye on developments in multimedia blogging. Here are a few of them:

Video blogger reaches 10,000 viewers per day: Video blogger Amanda Congdon has attracted quite an audience with her daily 3-minute video blog. Each segment has links below the screen for additional information on the subjects of the videocast.

iTunes now incorporates podcasts: The latest version 4.9 of Apple iTunes contains a large directory of podcasts sorted by category, including blogcasts. When you subscribe, the latest edition of each podcaster is downloaded automatically and appears in the left iTunes sidebar under the purple Podcasts icon.

Or you can subscribe to them by RSS: lists the latest podcasts, the same way lists the latest written blogs, with the facility to subscribe to their RSS feeds as well.

Progressive radio over the net: RadioPower is streaming audio 24/7 from a variety of progressive broadcasters.

Record your conversations as MP3s: A free app, MP3MyMP3, allows you to record your Skype or conference calls (or Internet radio or podcasts) as MP3 or wav files, so you can podcast them.

What do you think is the future of multimedia blogging? What would it take for you to start listening to, or watching, blogcasts instead of just reading them?

Photo from the always-amazing Daily Dose of Imagery, from last night’s Canada Day fireworks display in Toronto harbour.

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5 Responses to Multimedia Blogging Watch

  1. Declan says:

    Well, from my perspective I can read around 5 words/second (which is probably a pretty normal speed for someone who reads regularly) so I guess it would take an ability to get the same volume of information across in the same amount of time for me to swtich.Either that or there would have to be extenuating circumstances such as other people being around, my eyes already being occupied by something else but my ears being free or some aesthetic value to the cast (nice voice, pretty face). In other words, I’ll probably be sticking to print. Still, far more people watch TV news than get their news from print sources so maybe blogcasting has a good future. Increased socialization, reduced literacy, increased willingness to multi-task and increased desire for presentational form over informational content would seem to be the most helpful trends for multimedia blogging (aside from the obvious increased bandwidth).

  2. Jon Husband says:

    oops, sorry … just re-noticed that you had already noticed rocketboom

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Declan: I think it will depend a lot on the quality and bandwidth of the video, which will give us (or fail to give us) information from facial expressions, body language and context, that words alone cannot.Jon: Thanks for the links.

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