A Saturday Bumper Crop

maxinenoelmoonmaidenRegular readers know that Saturday is Links day here at How to Save the World, and this past week has been a busy one. I’ve tried to organize them a bit to make your bookmarking easier:

Oil Industry Misdeeds:

  • Exxpose Exxon — time to extend the boycott of the world’s most destructive and irresponsible corporation.
  • Meanwhile the Deconsumption Blog (thanks to Dale Asberry for pointing me to this) digs into Exxon’s competitors and the current frenzy of oil company greenwashing.
  • A new organization, Arctic Refuge Action, is working full tilt this summer to block drilling in the ANWR, and they need your support.

Tech Finds:

  • Google has now added Google Video (search of free online news & documentary video clips — you have to download their player to use it) and Google Print (search full text of published works — and then browse them online and buy them with one-click from various sources or find it in a nearby library– Amazon look out!)
  • M2M (machine to machine) transactions on the Internet will soon dwarf human transactions according to this article in Electronic Design
  • An article in the NYT explains the options for backing up essential files. They’ve sold me — I’m buying an extra, external hard drive today.
  • And new technology may make it easier to find your lost pet (or save it from injury).
  • Finally, an interesting explanation of why IT leaders hate Skype.



  • Does College Matter? asks the blog Creating Passionate Users, and comes up with some interesting answers
  • The Open Co-op has a well-articulated vision for replacing our closed society with an open one and our market economy with an environmentally responsible gift economy. The guy behind it is Gary Alexander of eGaia fame. Dare to believe. (Thanks to Rick Dworsky for the link). I’ll have more to say about this, and about the Gaia Trust, in a few days.
  • Choosing to Eat Local or Eat Vegan — an article in the Tyee suggests you can’t always do both, so you have to make an uncomfortable choice — some areas just can’t (or won’t) grow vegetable-based proteins locally (Thanks for Doug Alder for the link).
  • And in the same vein, in the NYT, Salon Blogger Julie Powell explains that much of our current political correctness about food smacks of economic elitism.

Please excuse any typos; I’m still recovering from the amazing Salon Bloggers virtual party last night.

Drawing of moon maiden (there were a lot of them at the party) by Maxine Noel.

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9 Responses to A Saturday Bumper Crop

  1. Birdie says:

    I’ve come to return your kilt. One of the women – and I’m not sayin’ who – found it stuffed inside her purse this morning…Thanks for posting the link to the article on local food vs. vegan food. As a fairly strict vegetarian (vegan most days), I wrestle with these issues. Of course, I went completely off the lifestyle during the virtual party last night!

  2. Doug Alder says:

    AS I mentioned to yo in email Dave I think this http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20050707/sc_nm/science_meat_dc technology is going to revolutionize the food industry. It may in fact lower the cost of delivering protein as animal protein is more efficient (in the end stage – not in production) than plant protein so less is needed. As this protein would not involve any animals except for the initial muscle cell cultures and the purity and healthfulness of the meat can be guaranteed, and assuming there is no environmental downside (questions regarding source of nutrients that feed the cultures: production of, disposal of etc.) this technology – which is only a few short years away from feasibility – could overcome all the moral/ethical reasons for not eating animal protein.

  3. Pearl says:

    Lots of interesting articles there to read. Thanks for the heads up on them.

  4. Patry says:

    I especially enjoyed reading the interesting piece “Does College Matter,” and about the challenge of trying to eat locally grown food and still maintain a vegan diet.

  5. Hi Dave,I’m a co-founder of The Open Co-op and I noticed you registered on our site today – welcome!And thanks for the link :)I look forward to reading more about The Open Co-op on your blog soon ;)Josef.

  6. Karen M says:

    Great links! and I didn’t even spot any typos… ;~)I especially liked the one questioning the value of college, as well as Julie’s piece on food PC…

  7. get a life says:

    please stop linking to ny times & other ‘news’ manufacturers that require registration .. not interested in their news or feeds that’s rely on their news

  8. Dave Pollard says:

    Thanks, everyone. Doug, the idea in your link is awesome, possibly the most important invention in a century, if, as you say, the concerns and questions can be addressed.

  9. Yule Heibel says:

    I couldn’t read the NYTimes article, either, Dave. Could you type the original URL into the New York Times Link Generator (see http://nytimes.blogspace.com/genlink ) and get a link that works without registration? Thanks!

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