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Learning to Pay Attention

Even business is now teaching ‘observation skills’ as part of a ‘cultural anthropology’ skill set that also includes interviewing, story-gathering and story-telling, and ‘understanding that things are the way they are for a reason’ appreciation skills. Why is it that … Continue reading

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If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem

Despite pleas from many readers, and not a few other eco-bloggers, How to Save the World remains impatient, angry, and occasionally confrontational with many moderates who do value a clean environment, but think we have to be satisfied with small … Continue reading

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Thinking on the Edge

Each of these links represents an example of unorthodox thinking, which we need a lot more of. World Tribunal on Iraq: This is an information-packed progressive website with everything you would ever want to know about the war crimes perpetuated … Continue reading

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Why We Hate Government

Everyone hates the government, but there are times when every faction opposed to it comes vigorously to its defence, for different reasons. What’s the reason for this love/hate relationship, and is there a solution for re-forming government in a way … Continue reading

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Another Black Day for American Democracy

“The freest and fairest societies are not only those with independent judiciaries, but those with an independent press that works every day to keep government accountable by publishing what the government might not want the public to know.” That was … Continue reading

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The Environmentalist’s Travel Guide

Blogging again from Montreal. Actually, I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to, but when I do I’m amazed at how much travel contributes to pollution, waste and the use of non-renewable resources. If we had to pay … Continue reading

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Ten Steps to a Great Interview

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of interviews, both in connection with work and for personal research purposes. I’ve never had to do adversarial interviews, where you’re trying to dig out information your subject is unwilling to disclose, so … Continue reading

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Powerful Presentations

A great speech starts with great content, including at least one great story, and builds on that content with powerful delivery. I‘ve written before about the elements of a great speech, and the elements of a great story. I’m not … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Life

In The Life and Death of Planet Earth, authors Peter Ward and David Brownlee trace the entire history of our planet, from its formation 4.5 billion years ago (8 billion years after the Big Bang) to its inevitable demise 7.5 … Continue reading

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Multimedia Blogging Watch

As I continue to plan for Blog Hosted Conversations on How to Save the World, I’ve been keeping an eye on developments in multimedia blogging. Here are a few of them: Video blogger reaches 10,000 viewers per day: Video blogger … Continue reading

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