Links for the Week – Feb. 25/06


The Environment

Critical Supreme Court Case Could Seal Nature’s Fate in the US: The first major case to be judged by the new Bush right-wingers threatens to eviscerate the powers of the EPA and other regulators to do anything to protect anything that happens or originates on ‘private’ land. This is why ‘property rights’ could well be the death knell for environmental protection in the US. Fuller background on how NAFTA opened the door for this here. Thanks to Dale Asberry for the link.

Losing Home Before We Find It: Orion has a wonderful excerpt from Melissa Pierson’s new book The Place You Love is Gone. Thanks to Rob Nichols for the link.

The Scramble to Find New Species Before We Render Them Extinct: Verlyn Klinkenborg waxes poetic on the joy of discovering new species in New Guinea as thousands of other species, some of them not even discovered yet, disappear forever.

Inventions Provide Power and Clean Water for Villages in Struggling Nations: Two new Dean Kamen inventions may allow poor communities to provide their own subsistence levels of electrical power and clean drinking water.

New UK Ethical Business Awards: If you know of British companies or citizens doing great things to advance social and environmental responsibility, tell the Observer.

Make Your Back Yard Attractive to Wildlife: Some great ideas from the Earthvalues Institute. Thanks to ex-Ecopundit Dave Pratt for the link.

Dangers of Teflon Finally Recognized. It’s about time. Thanks to Craig de Ruisseau for the link.

Another Responsible Shopping Guide: Worldwatch Institute has published the free Good Stuff guide. Good stuff indeed. Thanks to Wild Ginger for the link.


Capture All Your Blog Comments: Now here’s a great idea! CoComment allows you to track all of the comments you have made on blogs, flickr, myspace and other community spaces, so you can create a record of your participation in the entire blogosphere, and even post that record to your own blog, or get notified of new comments in any thread anywhere. Doesn’t yet support Radio Userland/Salon blogs. Thanks to Jon Husband for the link.

TV Going Wireless: New inventions could soon make the cables that connect your TV (or TV-video-enabled PC) to video sources obsolete. Thanks to Innovation Weekly for this link.

The Arts

Blogging from the Heart: Some blogs are sheer poetry to read. They reach out to you not with ideas or cold hard information but with pure raw emotion. From these true diaries you can learn who other people really are, and that’s at least as importantas learning what to do.

Amazing Juggling: Chris Bliss’ juggling act synchronized to the final cuts of Abbey Road has to be seen to be believed. His comedy is also hilarious. Thanks to Mitch Ditkoff for the link.

Image: Satirical demotivational poster from
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  1. cindy says:

    CoComment … thanks Dave for sharing it! Normally I have to copy and paste to an email send to myself! Then move to another file!

  2. mattbg says:

    The Teflon link didn’t recognize that Teflon was dangerous. It recognized that a chemical released into the atmosphere during the manufacture of Teflon was harmful, and that the process to make Teflon should therefore be changed. It didn’t say anything about the safety of Teflon as an end-user product.

  3. Wren says:

    thanks oodles for the linkage, dearest.Wren

  4. Wren says:

    Ack. Sorry ’bout that. :)

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