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The Sustainable Living Collaborative: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The following letter is a draft, an exploration of a possible new organization, the Sustainable Living Collaborative, that does not yet exist. I’m following my own advice, and inventing something (a) that I’d love to do, (b) that I would, … Continue reading

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Links for the Week – March 11/06

Politics: Wednesday was International Women’s Day, though some of the celebrations were slated for today to enable greater participation. The photo above was taken at equal rights protests in Pakistan. Let’s hope that one day soon women’s voices will finally … Continue reading

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Simply Brilliant: Google Moves to Own the Desktop

Google has quietly announced that it has acquired Writely, a tool that simply allows users to use HTML as the standard for all document preparation (without having to learn HTML), and to share, collaborate and publish such documents to whomever … Continue reading

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Too Busy Being Unproductive to Learn to Be Productive

One of the paradoxes of modern life is we’re too busy to learn to do things that would make us less busy and more productive. Many organizations provide their employees with all kinds of productivity aids: Bookmarks, portals, ‘best sites’ … Continue reading

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Finding Soulmates to Make a Living With

Lately I’ve been having a lot of sidebar discussions with readers about finding that way to make a living at the intersection of What You Love (your passion), What You’re Good At (your gift), and What’s Needed (your purpose). Knowing … Continue reading

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Natural Vs. Monolithic Organizations

My book The Natural Enterprise uses the word ‘natural’ in all its senses: Like nature, unaltered, intuitively suited. Its thesis is that most of the world’s current organizations are structured and operate in unnatural ways, and that makes them inherently … Continue reading

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House of Cards: How Money Flows From the Poor to the Rich

On a couple of occasions, I’ve tried to explain the vulnerability and unsustainability of our over-leveraged, debt-dependent, consumption-dependent economy.While Jon Husband was visiting with me today, he talked about the power of visualizations, and I decided it might be easier … Continue reading

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An Apology for Canada’s Treatment of Animals

On behalf of all Canadians of conscience, I apologize to all the creatures of this world for the disgrace of Canada’s treatment of animals. I apologize for the disgusting and offensive remarks of Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams, a … Continue reading

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Links for the Week – Mar. 4/06

Mostly US politics this week:Circumventing the Electoral College and the US Legal System, and a Commercial: Subscribe to the New Yorker: It’s way cheaper than buying single copies, you get some stuff you can’t get online, and intelligent, well-researched magazines … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Hospital Room (and the Courtroom)

Chart data from Irish sugar institute. EU/UK consumption per capita is about twice the global average above. North American consumption per capita has been consistently about four times the global average, of which more than half now comes from corn … Continue reading

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