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Getting Things Done: Fear of Failure

You say “too late to start”You’ve got your heart in a headlockI don’t believe any of it;You are afraid to startYou’ve got your heart in a headlockYou know you’re better than this.   — Imogen Heap, Headlock So you’ve instituted Getting … Continue reading

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The Dark and Gathering Sameness of the World

The title of this post appears twice in Canadian conservationist Terry Glavin‘s remarkable new book Waiting for the Macaws. It should have been the book’s title, but then a lot of people would have been put off and not be … Continue reading

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Thinking About Poetry

“…And so each venture Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate With shabby equipment always deteriorating In the general mess of imprecision of feeling, Undisciplined squads of emotion. And what there is to conquer By strength and submission, … Continue reading

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Saving the World: What You Can Do

Two years ago I put together a set of 15 actions that anyone can take to help create a new relater-sharer culture, a new, sustainable, collaborative and egalitarian economy and a new, responsible political system. I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Links for the Week – April 15/06

US Politics: Nukes Against Nukes in Iran: In case you haven’t already read it, Sy Hersh’s newest research in the New Yorker leaves no doubt that Bush plans a nuclear strike on Iran soon. Bush Buys ‘Moral Hazard’ Myth: Hendrik … Continue reading

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How to Save the World Reading List – Revised and Updated

In Beyond Civilization, Daniel Quinn says:  People will listen when they’re ready to listen and not before. Probably, once upon a time, you weren’t ready to listen to an idea than now seems to you obvious, even urgent. Let people … Continue reading

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The Fear of Not Having Enough

There’s an echo in here. A sense of foreboding, of dread. Not the pessimism of the informed, something much more personal. The fear of not having enough, as Derrick Jensen calls it in A Language Older Than Words. It’s an … Continue reading

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A Scientific Romance

Dali, The Persistence of Memory Last year I wrote about archaeologist-historian-novelist Ronald Wright’s A Short History of Progress, a briefer, darker, and more insightful assessment of our civilization culture than the much more famous book that came out a few … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Keep My Memory All In One Place

If it weren’t for Google Desktop I’d be spending an inordinate amount of time looking for stuff I’ve written, and then forgotten what I’d named it. But Google Desktop doesn’t do the whole job — I often comment on others’ … Continue reading

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How Do You Make a Snowball?

Umair Haque says that “media (in fact, consumer [marketing]) strategy must shift from Blockbuster to Snowball…[enabled by] the self-organization and regulation of complex, interdependent collective action…This is inevitable; it’s the nearly bulletproof outcome of the economics of the edge, and … Continue reading

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