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No, That’s Not an Open Market, This is an Open Market

Hierarchical Corporation’s Offerings:Advantages to the Customer Natural Enterprise’s Offerings: Advantages to the Customer Recognized, popular brand (a salve for low self-esteem)  Low price (possible because of massive government subsidies and favours like ‘free’ trade agreements) Efficiency (as long as your … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week – July 15, 2006

If you do nothing else during this visit to How to Save the World, please look at the first two videos, and watch them one after the other — they’ll put a smile on your face. Greening the South Bronx: … Continue reading

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Miniature Truths and the Embracing and Rejection of Complexity

Recently, in a communication with UK artist Andrew Campbell, I suggested that if I were to be an artist it would be as a portraitist of miniatures, drawing something tiny enough (an aphid, the knuckle of one finger, a bird’s … Continue reading

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Health Update

Since a lot of people are asking, here’s a quick update on my situation. All the tests for infections came back negative, as did the x-rays. The stomach cramps and related symptoms continue unchanged for a 15th day. The doctors … Continue reading

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‘Solving’ Complex Problems: The Networked Society vs the Hierarchical One

Caveat: This is a long article, even by this blog’s standards. Find a comfy chair, or bookmark it and come back later. I think it’s important, and I need your contribution to make its core argument more compelling. Illustration: My … Continue reading

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Links of the Week (Late) – July 12, 2006

Too many links to point you to to let them accumulate until next Saturday. My punishment for taking last Saturday off, I guess. Here we go: Politics, Corporatism and All That Surviving the End of Oil: A Lesson from Russia: … Continue reading

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1 “Sorry to hear about your bad news, Miro”, the neighbour shouted, looking up from the garden he was weeding. Miro walked on, dismissing the neighbour with a smile, a wave and a shrug, determined to continue his constitutional without … Continue reading

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How Much Difference Does a Generation Make?

I often read arguments about the ability or inability of humans to change. They generally fall into two categories, depending on their proponent’s worldview: Humans can change quickly because we are no longer constrained by our bodies and by natural … Continue reading

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Gang War

Before you can appreciate what the characters in this scenario are likely to do, you need to know something about them. If you knew and grew up with them, you might not see them this way, but here’s how they … Continue reading

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No Post Today

Urrrrg. I’ve come down with some kind of nasty gastro-intestinal bug, which took a turn for the worse yesterday after hanging around and just being annoying for the nine days before. I thought maybe I was just overdoing the running/exercising, … Continue reading

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