Saturday Links for the Week – March 31, 2007

Natural Community

Take a Few Paragraphs to Describe a Perfect World:
That’s the challenge from zaadz. This is the subject of my novel-in-progress (the illustration above is from my draft), so if anyone can capture it in a few paragraphs I want to hear it. The responses on the zaadz site don’t do it for me, but read them over — they’re inspirational, and they’ll get you thinking. Thanks to Siona for the link and the one that follows.

Women Fight Stress Through Companionship: A UCLA study suggests that hormones produced by stress, which in men trigger fight-or-flight responses, in women also trigger a female bonding response. There is strength, and safety, in numbers committed to a common cause.

No Longer Out of Touch: Mike Morris tells his personal and slightly troubling story of how reconnection to the land generated renewed respect for it, and everything living on it: Excerpt:

The simple connection of bare feet and hands in contact with the soil… The simple connection of watching water fall from the sky, the music of it trinkling into your water tanks. Often, when it rains, I go into the kitchen, pour myself a glass of water, and drink it as I watch the rain fall outside the window: Now this rain falls through my body. No other water ever tastes as good. Then go outside and return the water to the Earth. Hard not to feel connected, then.

The Road to a Community-Based Economy: Bill McKibben joins the bandwagon, hoping his descendants will have the sense to realize that community self-reliance offers the only way to cope with looming and cascading social, economic and ecological crises.

Huge Bee Die-Off Linked to GM Corn: Not yet proven irrefutably, but until recently neither was the connection between human activity and global warming. Monsanto does it again, and this time the consequences for farmers who don’t grow from sterile trademarked seeds, and for wild plants everywhere, could be catastrophic.

The Looming War Against Iran and the Looming US Debt Crisis: Jeff Vail makes the connection. A half trillion dollars in high-risk US mortgage debt coming up for renewal over the next two years at much higher interest rates. And Bush determined to start yet another catastrophic Middle East war, this time with nukes. Yet the stock market is at record highs. Students of history are shaking their heads.

Not a Nation as We Know It: John Robb explains that the concept of a ‘virtual’ caliphate, which underlies much of the political and religious ambition in the Middle East, is utterly different from our notion of a nation-state, in that it has no firm borders or boundaries, political, social oreconomic, and is less hierarchical than rhizomic.

Latin American Assesses Gonzales: And they don’t think any more of him than we do.

We Don’t Know What We Need: Roger Schank’s observation that we need to observe and converse and understand what people need, instead of just asking them, has applications far beyond business.

When Global Warming Floods the Coasts, Will You Be Underwater?: Check out this Google Maps mashup to see. Thanks to Dale Asberry for the link.

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  1. John says:

    Maybe you’ve written about this in another post, but I’m curious about what other “perfect world” descriptions you’ve looked at as you write your novel. Atlas Shrugged is one that I find interesting. I’m someone who is very excited by your ideas, but was also very intrigued by the very, very different scenario presented in Atlas Shrugged.

  2. Ted says:

    Global Warming is such a scam.Here’s the truth.

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