Sunday Open Thread — July 15, 2007

hibble deep field
Long-term exposure photo by the Hubble telescope of a tiny fragment of the sky, showing about 1500 galaxies. Wow!

What I’m thinking about, and planning on writing (and podcasting) about soon:

Learning in Community by Apprenticeship: More on Ivan Illich’s friend Gustavo Esteva’s article about how institutional education is hopelessly dysfunctional and how self-managed, community-based, learn-by-doing apprenticeship is the most effective way to learn to make a living. I’m thinking about this in the context of working naturally and Natural Enterprise.

Vignettes: Coming up soon, vignette #5.

Blog-Hosted Conversations: Plan is for 30-minute conversations, once a week, on the subject of identifying and acquiring the essential skills and relationships we need to be models of a better way to live, and what those models might look like. Still not ready for this: just recording a reading of blog articles is lame, and conversations need a lot of work.

Open Thread Question:

What is the one thing you most want to accomplish before you die? Are youactively working to achieve it? If not, what’s holding you back?

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  1. David Parkinson says:

    In thinking about your question, it occurs to me that I’m less focused on WHAT I want to do and more on HOW I want to do it. I don’t usually work from a master plan of any kind; never been good at working towards the big goals. But what I think I tend to do is focus on the methods more, and try to keep finding things I can learn by doing. I guess if there was a big one, it would be: don’t sell out, don’t buy in.

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