Friday Flashback: He Can’t Hear You Anymore

Just before Christmas 2004 I wrote an article about homelessness and substance addiction. Not as a national and global disgrace, which it is, but as a metaphor for what civilization has done to us. Our modern ‘homelessness’ is our disconnection from place, from all-life-on-Earth, from living a natural life in a natural environment. Our modern addiction is to consumption and debt. It’s all so understandable, tragic, and intractable.

The next time you see a homeless person, or an addict, don’t be frightened, angry, or filled with pathos. You are looking in the mirror.

Read the full article.

Image of homelessness from the now-defunct Italian blog Moving & Learning .

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3 Responses to Friday Flashback: He Can’t Hear You Anymore

  1. Jon Husband says:

    I’m working these days on a project (and more to come, I hope) wherein I am in daily contact with a pretty wide range of marginalised people … who are also artists … homeless, welfare, addicted, mental “problems”.I’m enjoying the work, and I do indeed feel that mirror’s presence.

  2. steve black says:

    Just coincidentally, ABC – out national broadcaster in OZ is running a major, multi media forum today on youth homelessness.

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