Links of the Week: April 11, 2009

BLOG Links of the Week: April 11, 2009

I’m away for the next three weeks, in Winnipeg and Western Australia, so posting may be erratic.

clinton obama
photo from The Root

There is Never Nothing Happening: Johnny Moore waxes eloquent on the need for noticing. Thanks to Chris for the link, and for pointing me to panhala, from which the two poems below are taken.

Information May Be Nearly Free, But In Energy Terms It’s Expensive: Kurt Cobb explains that we’ve always lived in an information age, that most of what passes for information isn’t, and that an information economy isn’t any lighter on the planet than the industrial one. Thanks to Dale for the link.

Getting Discouraged With Obama: Not me: I knew that what we’d get from American-style democracy would be, at best, a modest retreat from the arrogant imperialism and loathing for the environment and diversity of the Bush era. He’s had some good ideas, like cash for clunkers. But a lot of people seem to have foolishly expected that Obama would not be a war-monger, dared believe he would put an end to torture and secrecy, and hoped he would not cater to the powerful corporatist interests. Ah, well. He does photograph well (pictured above with Ms. Clinton on the White House lawn).

bagley cartoon
cartoon by Pat Bagley, from Cagle comics

The Markets are Far From the Bottom: Rob Paterson describes how this recession compares with three similar past ones. Connected to the chart on this site, another chart shows the real value of investments since 1870 discounted by the real rate of inflation (not the phony low rate the governments report). You don’t want to see what your real income, your real net worth, and your real pension value is, using the real rates of inflation.

Print Your Own: And in the meantime, Detroit, facing 22% unemployment, issues its own local currency (thanks to Tree for the link and the one that follows).

Spend More Time in the Dirt: A new scientific study suggests ingesting dirt is not only good for our digestive system, it can make us happier.

Better Conferences: More Hallways Please: Seth Godin proposes that giving conference attendees projects to complete in 1/2 day would be more valuable than having them listen to speakers, and could create lifelong relationships.

Is This the Future of the PC?: A 12-inch tablet computer with a touch-screen keyboard built in. Getting closer. Thanks to Rayne for the link.

Self-Promotion Department:

One-hour interview on CHEX-TV with Dan Carter about my book, Finding the Sweet Spot.

My article in ODE Magazine on the recession-proof way to create your own enterprise.

Leunig cartoon

Just for Fun:

Another great Leunig cartoon (above) — thanks to Viv for the link.

Fiona Apple sings Why Try to Change Me Now? — thanks to Patti for the link.

A cat ‘fixes’ a bothersome computer printer — thanks to my daughter Tiffany for the link.

Bruce Cockburn and Jesse Cook’s one-minute guitar lessons.

And finally, a shaggy dog story.

Thoughts for the Week:

From David Whyte:


if you move carefully
through the forest
like the ones
in the old stories
who could cross
a shimmering bed of dry leaves
without a sound,
you come
to a place
whose only task
is to trouble you
with tiny
but frightening requests
conceived out of nowhere
but in this place
beginning to lead everywhere.
Requests to stop what
you are doing right now,
to stop what you
are becoming
while you do it,
that can make
or unmake
a life,
that have patiently
waited for you,
that have no right
to go away.

From Margaret Atwood:

The moment when, after many years
of hard work and a long voyage
you stand in the centre of your room,
house, half-acre, square mile, island, country,
knowing at last how you got there,
and say, I own this,
is the same moment when the trees unloose
their soft arms from around you,
the birds take back their language,
the cliffs fissure and collapse,
the air moves back from you like a wave
and you can’t breathe.
No, they whisper. You own nothing.
You were a visitor, time after time
climbing the hill, planting the flag, proclaiming.
We never belonged to you.
You never found us.
It was always the other way round.

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