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When Music Began

BLOG Where Music Began There is no known human culture on the planet, current or past, that has not had music as a staple element of its culture. Like art, it clearly predates the development of human language by at … Continue reading

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What Do You Want?

BLOG What Do You Want? I‘m back from a wonderful vacation in Oregon, and feeling very centred. I feel in touch with my emotions, my senses, and my instincts, and they are guiding me in my decisions and reflections as … Continue reading

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Can Groups Be Taught to Resolve Their Own Inadequacies?

BLOG Can Groups Be Taught to Rectify Their Own Dysfunction? Our hosts during my vacation this past weekend in McKenzie Bridge, OR were Charlene and Galen Phipps. Charlene, it turns out, is a facilitator with an interest in complex adaptive … Continue reading

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