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ready as Noah

(photo by Cheryl Long) ready as Noah so i gathered the members of my community and we prepared our Transition Plan: we’re set to handle a world without cheap oil, without a stable climate, without an industrial ‘growth’ economy, and … Continue reading

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Dave Gets Interviewed for a Podcast on Complexity and Transition

A few days ago I was interviewed by Steve Patterson for his regular podcast program Two Beers With Steve, as we talked about complex systems, dependence on industrial civilization, transition, resilience and steady state economics. Steve is well-read and a … Continue reading

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Too Smart for Our Own Good – Part Two

In an article last month I described how an unintended consequence of the evolution of large brains (the development of and attachment to ego) is that we have become “Too Smart for Our Own Good“. In that article I posted … Continue reading

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Inured to Pain?

[On the chart above, 110 values surveyed by pollster Michael Adams are plotted according to where they fall on a 2-by-2 grid. The values that (per the survey) have become significantly more prevalent in Americans since 1992 are shown in … Continue reading

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An Existential Approach to Bringing About Change

Donella (Dana) Meadows was famous for her twelve ways to intervene in a system, one of the most often cited works in the field of bringing about change. What is often forgotten is that she listed the twelve ways in … Continue reading

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Lesson From a Wild Cat

Four years ago I wrote about my remarkable experience with PucPuc, the wild grouse who used to greet me every day when I ran laps in my back yard in Caledon, and even climbed up and perched on my shoulder … Continue reading

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