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Will You and Your Community Survive Collapse?

Recently I have been writing about the need for a more existential approach to Transition and to building personal and collective resilience to cope with the coming economic, energy and ecological crises, and perhaps even the collapse of our teetering … Continue reading

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What Would You Do About Afghanistan?

Cartoon by Stuart Carlson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, from four years ago The greasy politicians, the corporate war profiteers and the compliant media are working together to present us with the usual “you’re with us or you’re with the enemy” dichotomy … Continue reading

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Does It Matter Who Is Perpetrating the Destruction of Our World, or Why?

[Keith Farnish thinks it’s useful, perhaps even necessary, to get angry at the perpetrators of the destruction of our world. He believes it can shake us out of our lethargy and our sense of helplessness. I’ve never found anger particularly … Continue reading

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Links for the Month: December 2010

(Sorry that I never got around to links of the month in November, so this is a long catch-up post) (Cartoon by Marc Roberts) PREPARING FOR CIVILIZATION’S COLLAPSE What Happens Next: Dmitri Orlov describes the scenario for energy collapse in … Continue reading

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Transition (2014)

An (imagined) future entry in Internet Movie DataBase: Transition (US, 2014) Screenplay co-written by members of the Dark Mountain artists’ collective Actors: members of Transition networks from West Coast North American communities Produced by Synopsis: As the film opens, … Continue reading

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Why We Do What We Do

I was researching some of my old posts the other day and realized there is a synergy among three of them that I hadn’t recognized before. This article will attempt to pull them together to create a theory for why … Continue reading

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