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  1. lpollard says:

    Yesterday was our annual Pollard family pre-Xmas dinner. You were sorely missed. You were particularly missed because so many local Pollards were absent from Winnipeg. Missing were “you”, Marj Pollard’s daughter Elaine and her family, Glen Pollard,s 2 children, Alan Pollard’s son. In addition John Pollard’s father in law died fairly suddenly yesterday morning, so his family of 5 were missing. So we carries and finished the evening with Alan strumming the guitar and we singing Xmas carols. Much too quiet. You were indeed missed and it was noticeable. How are you keeping? I am in charge of organizing my U. of M. fraternity annual, or periodical, reunion. We are looking at a short cruise up the pacific between the islands – next spring. If so we might try to find your bode for a brief visit. All is well here – we will be heading of to Palm Springs in Feb, and March. I trust you are well and happy. Stay that way! Best wishes.

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