Elselien Epema Interviews Dave About “Finding the Sweet Spot”

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 image of Elselien from her website; image of Dave by Bowen artist-photographer Debra Stringfellow

I was delighted and flattered to learn, last year, that Elselien Epema, an instructor at the University of the Hague in Nederland, has been using my book Finding the Sweet Spot as a text in her course on entrepreneurship (thanks to Nancy White for making the connection).

Since then Elselien and I have been talking about a lot of common interests — she’s also teaching a course in facilitation, for example, and has been using the Group Works cards. She interviewed me via Skype about my book, and has now edited the interview into six parts, which she’s allowed me to offer to readers as MP3 files. Here they are (just click on the time links to hear the segments, opened in a new window/tab, or right click and “save link as” to download for listening later):

1. Introduction: Meet Dave Pollard: Tell us a bit about yourself. (4:15)
2. Why is finding your Sweet Spot so relevant now? (4:31)
3. Can you find your Sweet Spot within an existing organisation? (9:11)
4. How is Natural Entrepreneurship affected by current developments in the world? (4:29)
5. Three stories about entrepreneurs who found their Sweet Spot. (33:36)
6. Answers to student questions. (20:57)

Hope you find the interviews interesting; comments welcome.


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