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enough just to know

some cultures, I am told made sense of things, and made decisions in two ways fundamentally different from ours: firstly, when the stories had all been told, the choices surfaced, these cultures trusted each individual to ‘know’ what they must do. … Continue reading

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Falling Off the Edge

drawing by hugh macleod at gapingvoid How do you deal with a level of cognitive dissonance so profound that it casts a veil over all your interactions with other people, and makes these interactions seem somehow unreal? What do you … Continue reading

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The Patterns of Effective Conversation

A week ago, at the Next Edge Festival in Montréal, I made a point of paying attention to the many conversations I had, or witnessed, in both small and large groups. It was an eye-opening experience. What I learned was: … Continue reading

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Seven Generations From Now

Last weekend in Montréal I piloted a new session entitled Seven Generations from Now: A Collective Improv. The invitation  for the event was as follows: Welcome, friend! Sit with me in this circle around the campfire, in these early days … Continue reading

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Harpoon Dodger

Today I turn 64. In many ways I have come full circle: I feel closer to the not-quite-2 year-old in the first picture above than I have ever felt since. I have been unimaginably blessed — by the fortune of my … Continue reading

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The Meeting Map: Making Both Process and Content Explicit

This is the first of three articles that stem from last weekend’s Next Edge Festival in Montréal. I’m grateful to the wonderful organizing team and all the participants who made the event a success and a great learning opportunity for me. … Continue reading

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Speaking Grosbeak

“Hear that? That bird just said ‘So now what?’ Awesome!” Rafe pointed up at a nearby tree. Daria had found a clearing beside the stream not far from their regular forest path, and Rafe had quickly stripped and was splashing … Continue reading

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More Bowen Birds

I posted some of my favourite Bowen bird photos last year. Here are four more, which I took in the last couple of days. Yes I cheated — had some birdseed that I put out left over from the winter, … Continue reading

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