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Then Suddenly, Maybe — Aha!

complex system diagram, from this earlier post Last month I wrote about the 5 “turning points” in my life, the culminations of events and changes in circumstances that caused my life to significantly shift direction. I have argued before that … Continue reading

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Sorting Ourselves Out

gated community in Liverpool England; photo by Ronnie Hughes We humans are pretty good at self-organizing. We’re a social species, after all, and we want to know where we ‘fit’ in our communities, even though “community” has largely lost its … Continue reading

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Alberta Tar Sands, soon to cover an area larger than NY State; its toxic sludge ponds alone are large enough to be visible from space. Photo by Dru Oja Jay, Howl Arts Collective, for The Dominion CC-BY-2.0 I have often … Continue reading

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A Cynical Theory of Power and Organizational Dynamics

from by Hugh Macleod I‘ve previously mentioned that the most important thing I learned from 37 years in the business world is that in large organizations of every kind, almost all valuable work is done by workarounds, i.e. people on the … Continue reading

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Live From Daryl’s House

Most of you probably remember Hall & Oates, one of the most popular musical duos of the last century. You probably didn’t know that for the past 7 years, in an attempt to stay in touch with fans without having … Continue reading

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