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Shining in the Dark

“So I get that everything is process, and that what we perceive as ‘stuff’ is just the mind’s snapshot of process in the instant of perception, and that the mind and self are just constructs, inventions that continue because they’ve … Continue reading

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Less Than Enthusiastic (a guest post by Paul Heft)

My Palo Alto friend and Transition colleague Paul Heft and I have often shared ideas and thoughts on how the world really works, our culture, and what it means to be human. Recently he wrote the following, which he’s allowing … Continue reading

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About Time: An Inquiry

1. ON MEDITATING AND REALIZING THE ILLUSION OF THE SEPARATE SELF I’ve recently discovered the work of UK non-dualist Rupert Spira, and I like the way he explains things. Here’s part of a transcript of his video in which he … Continue reading

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My Pleasure

For many years I have described myself, in profiles online, as a hedonist. As much as any label can fit someone, it seems to fit me. This past weekend I’ve started to understand why that’s so. I’ve described my recent … Continue reading

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