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Ten Ways to Heal from Civilization Disease

image: creative commons CC0 license from pixabay The theme for a recent ‘rhythm meditation’ retreat at my house was healing. Since my current preoccupation with meditation is mostly about learning to deal with stress more effectively, it was very much … Continue reading

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so now I see the sense of Gaia, the collective Intelligence of all-life-on-Earth, a single gently-balanced ‘organism’ in the endless process of becoming, through evolution not as ‘progress’ but as exploration — Gaia as one intelligence, one organism, one ‘environment’ of … Continue reading

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After Us the Dragons

Many people find it hard to believe I can be, on the one hand, resigned to the utter collapse of our civilization culture in this century (not suddenly, but over several decades of great hardship and struggle), and, on the … Continue reading

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Note to Self

To: Dave’s Self c/o Dave the Organism Date: The Eternal Now Hi Self, I think it’s time we had a talk. You’ve been doing some amazing work managing the organism called “Dave” that we’re both inhabiting, and I really appreciate … Continue reading

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A Theory of No-Mind

Biologists and cognitive “scientists” have developed something called a Theory of Mind which posits that humans are possibly unique in having evolved the capacity to conceive of the existence of separate ‘selves’, our own and others’, with unique and divergent beliefs, ideas and perspectives, … Continue reading

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